Making Goals A Reality:

Rancho Santa Margarita

Child Carrying Vegetables

Bring Back The Farmers Market

Work with the local Farm Bureau to bring back the farmers market.

I want to create programs that will help serve, educate, and foster community.

While serving the city of Rancho Santa Margarita, I will actively work to make these goals happen:

  • Work with the local Farm Bureau 🚜  to bring back the farmers market.

  • Work to ensure no further developments be initiated by corporations and hotel chains in Dove Canyon & Robinson Ranch.

  • Develop a CARE 💗  program for our 7% senior rest home community that will connect local volunteers with our senior citizens to participate in weekly nature walks, meal planning, pen-pal correspondence, and other social activities.

  • Scout for prominent and popular BIPOC run businesses to bolster and diversify our local economy.

  • Work with educators and parents, post-pandemic, to safely reopen schools.

  • Collaborate with local park rangers and educators, post-pandemic, to plan monthly educational nature walks for local students, privately and publicly educated alike. 🌳

  • Advocate for more affordable housing.

  • Advocate to have the LGBTQ flag raised at City Hall during #pride month.

  • Advocate to have the #blacklivesmatter flag raised at City Hall on Juneteenth. 

  • Equality for all BIPOC + LTGBQ in RSM (I want to make RSM a more welcoming place for all people of color).

If you want to help support these goals, get involved with any of these initiatives, or if you have a goal that I can help achieve, don't hesitate to contact me.